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Pre Clinical Science lab


Labs designed to help students gain knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. The lab has excellent infrastructure forming the basis of deeper understanding of body functions.


Nutrition Lab


Lab imparting the basic knowledge about food and to practice cooking for healthy as well as for the sick. Lab with modern cooking facilities two main aims - Preparation, Serving. We have the wide variety of dals, pulses and many more items of nutritious value.

Community Health Nursing


This lab is designed in such a way that students gain an understanding of the concept of community. We health in order to introduce them to wider horizons of rendering nursing in a community technique and other safe effect methods to serve the public directly. In order to teach students bag look after the community health in the proper perspective we give training in rural health nursing so as to enable the students to participate in the country’s health programme and gain experience in community.

Nursing Foundation Lab


One of the most important lab concerned with the field of Lab equipped with most modern facilities which nursing would benefit students and graduates to maintain high standards of nursing practice for humanitarian service and the dignity and status of the profession.

Computer Lab


Nida provides the latest software infrastructure to cater to the computer needs of all the students and faculty and training needs of information technology. Labs are equipped with servers and multiple terminals enabling a client server environment. Internet connections are also provided at the College which helps students in their continuous search for scientific research and progress.

Clinical Facilities - Clinical Practice at Bidar Medical College Teaching Hospital


The Government of Karnataka is kind enough to permit us to avail clinical facilities at Bidar Medical College (Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences, Teaching Hospital) which comprises of 500 beds which provide sufficient experience to our students in the field of Medicine, surgery. The hospital is well equipped with modern instruments with diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative purposes. The district surgeon, secretary, NSG Suptd., Doctors, Nursing staff and all other staff at the hospital are very kind enough to help our students to impart the knowledge in various fields like Orthopaedic, Tuberculosis, Gastroenteritis. Medical, Surgical pediatrics, Maternity and specialities like Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Skin. Opportunities are also provided for students to visit various health and social projects for their learning experience.

ICU Ward


Clinical Practice in Pediatric Ward